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About Instatravel

Q - What is Instatravel?

Rooms & Reservations

Q - How do I make a room reservation online?
Q - Can I compare hotels?
Q - Where are the hotel room types and room rates located?
Q - Where can I find descriptions of hotel facilities and rooms?
Q - How do I search for a specific hotel?
Q - How can I view photos of a hotel?
Q - How do I find out what amenities are available at a hotel?
Q - How do I find directions to the hotel?
Q - How many rooms can I book in one reservation?
Q - Can more than two adults stay in one room?
Q - What is the difference between a twin and double room?
Q - Can I make group bookings?
Q - What if there are more than two adults in the room?
Q - Our children will be traveling with us - do they stay for free?

Check-in/Check-out Information

Q - What is the hotel check-in time?
Q - Will the hotel hold my room if I arrive late?
Q - I require an early check-in, how do I arrange for the same?

Payment Options

Q - How do I pay for reservations made on Instatravel?
Q - Which credit cards do you accept?
Q - Which debit cards do you accept?
Q - Which ATM-cum-debit cards do you accept?
Q - From which banks do you accept direct debit payments (net banking)?
Q - Which cash cards do you accept?
Q - Will my credit card be charged when I make my reservation?

Bookings & Confirmation

Q - A confirmation page did not display, how do I check my reservation status?
Q - Why haven’t I received a confirmation email?
Q - I have not received an email confirming my reservation, how do I check my reservation status?
Q - What documents do I need to present on check-in?
Q - How can I obtain a receipt for my hotel room?

Cancellations & Refunds

Q - How do I cancel my reservations?
Q - In case of a cancellation, what charges are applicable?
Q - How do I amend my reservations?

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