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If you are a first time traveler or if you are planning your first international foray, here is some vital information you should to know:

Budget: Decide your budget before planning your trip as your travel budget affects all your decisions from where to go to where to stay.

Destination: Once you have decided your travel budget, the next decision you need to take is ‘destination’. Do you want to travel domestically or internationally? The pros of domestic travel are less travel time, longer duration and better hotels. This is especially beneficial when travelling on a strict budget.  

P.S. If you want to travel internationally but don’t have a massive budget, consider travelling to a country in Asia instead of Europe, as they are less expensive.

Duration: Do you want to short or long holiday? The length of your holiday in combination with your travel budget helps determines your hotel. If you want a month long vacation, you should look for bed and breakfast or smaller hotel properties instead of star ranked hotels. By choosing a less expensive hotel, you reduce your basic stay costs and increase the amount of disposal income you have for other activities such as sightseeing, shopping etc.

Season:  If you are travelling during peak season, you pay more for both your flight and hotel stay. Choosing to travel before or just after peak season has dual benefits - pay less to travel and stay and there are less tourists around.

Hotel Accommodation: ‘Higher the star rating, higher the per night cost’. If you want a longer stay or if you want to free up more of your travel budget for sightseeing, adventure sport, shows etc. select a good hotel with a lower star rating as it reduces the amount you pay on accommodation.

Transportation Cost: Air is the most expensive mode of transportation. However, it reduces your travel time. You need to weigh the cost of travel versus length of stay. if you are planning a 10 to 15 day trip and have sufficient time to travel and enjoy your holiday, you can reduce your travel costs by choosing a more cost effective mode of transportation such as train, bus or even hiring a vehicle and driving yourself to your destination. This is especially true if you are travelling domestically!

Cost of sightseeing, adventure sport, shows: It is extremely important to factor the cost of sightseeing, adventure sport, shows etc. into your travel budget. Failure to do so will wreak havoc on your trip. Make a list of all the tours you want to take, the shows you want to see and the adventure sports you want to do. Calculate the cost of each activity and determine how it affects your budget. If the amount required exceeds your budget or leaves you without any money for general expenditure then you need to prioritize your aims for the trip – which shows you really want to see and which you don’t mind missing. Eliminating a few shows and activities help free up your budget for other essentials.

Currency Exchange Rate: This point only arises when travelling internationally. 80,000 rupees may seem like a sufficient budget but when you convert the amount to another currency may not seem sufficient anymore. Check out the examples given below and see how exchange rates can affect your budget:

Most of us who enjoy travelling are well aware that deciding a travel budget and sticking to the budget is very important. However, if you are a first time traveler or if you are planning your first international foray, here is some vital important you need to know before you leave on your trip:

Destination US Thailand
Travel Budget in rupees Rs. 2,00,000 Rs. 2,00,000
Exchange Rate 1 Dollar = 45 Rupees 1 Baht = 1.5 Rupees
Amount After Conversion 4444 Dollars 1,33,333 Baht
Airfare (round trip) Rs. 70,000 / 1,555 dollars Rs. 30,000  / 20,000 baht
3/4 star Hotel Accommodation for 7 days 1300 dollars 56,000 baht
Amount remaining for meals,
shopping, transportation etc.
1589 dollars 57, 333 baht

* This amount does not include the cost of visa.

As you can see, while the holiday in US is quiet comfortable but you cannot extend your stay without compromising on hotel ranking and minimizing other expenditure. However, you can extend your stay in Thailand without any compromises.

Now, that we know what factors affect the travel budget and what steps you can take to stretch your budget to accommodate more, here is a simple sample travel budget that will help you calculate your travel budget.

Simple Travel Budget:

Trip Details:
Budget: Rs. 20,000 per head
Destination: Goa
Duration of Stay: 3 days 4 nights
Airfare (Round trip) for 2
3 star hotel in end November, beginning December: Rs. 3000 per night double occupancy.
Expenditure (per head)
Cost Flight : Rs. 12,000
Cost of Stay : Rs. 9,000
Other Expenses
Sightseeing : Rs. 2,000
Boat Trip (Inclusive of meal) : Rs. 3,000
Hiring Transportation : Rs. 3,000
Meals : Rs. 6,000
Total Cost : Rs. 32,000

Based on the above travel budget this leaves you with just Rs. 8,000 to shop and for an emergency. You can use the same format to calculate the cost of international trips. Be sure to include all the different costs from sightseeing to shopping.

Good luck and have a safe journey!

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